SXSW Erotica: Sharing Trends

SXSW Erotica
Sharing Trends by Alison Tyler
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Clyde hit “return” to start his demo. He could feel the anxiety peaking inside of him. He knew that what he had to offer, a photo sharing social network game, was in direct competition with several other startups at Southby, and some had established traction well before coming to Austin. But he also knew his was the best. And their session about gaming for social good via online communities was revolutionary.

The screen came to life with a picture of a luscious goth girl blowing a kiss to the audience. Words flickered across the bottom of the screen—he’d spent hours slaving over every detail. Colors. Fonts. Slide design. The perfect photos. The speed with which the slides changed. The music for the background. Now, all he had to do was let it run, sit quietly in the front row and…

“I’d invest.”

He turned his head and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Nervous habit. He’d sat right across the aisle from her. Even in the dark room, she glowed. The goth girl changed to a photo shot through a shower door, then a clothesline of different colored panties dangling in front of the San Francisco skyline.

“You would?”

She smiled. Dark red lipstick. She had on a form-fitting suit, clearly vintage, leopard collar. He worked his way down her body—at least, his eyes did—taking in her patterned hose and stack-heeled shoes. The photos were changing rapidly on the screen. He could hear people in the audience talking softly, and he hoped they were saying good things. But part of him didn’t really care. He’d been working so hard for months—not 24/7. More like 36/8. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept properly, the last good meal he’d eaten, the last pretty girl he’d fucked.

“I think other people will, too.” She’d taken a closer seat, so that she could speak softly and still be heard. Or maybe so that he could smell the sexy waft of her perfume: light with a bite of spice.

“Why do you think that?” Part of his brain cared. The other wanted to know what her knickers looked like.

“I gather info about social trends,” she whispered. She handed over a business card. In the dim light, Clyde made out a QR code and the name Sienna Rodriguez. “I’ve been listening in on every conversation I can eavesdrop on since I got here. I call it OH reconnaissance ”

“You like to listen?”

She was the one to look at him now. Really look at him. She nodded.

“Come on.”

“Don’t you have to stay for your session?”

He shrugged. “My partner is going to give the specs and our devs want to do the Q and A. They don’t need to see a geek like me hovering around by the stage.”

“Geek is the new sexy,” she said, smiling as he took her hand and led her from the room. Thank fuck his hotel was the one their session had been slotted in. Location, location, sharing… They hardly spoke as they hurried to his room. Once inside, he strode forward past her quickly, almost ignoring her. God, he hoped the neighbors were still at it. Since arriving at Southby, the couple in the next room had been banging each other nonstop. Clyde and his roommates had even played a drinking game set to the rhythm of the moans. For his sake, Clyde prayed that the couple hadn’t worn each other out.


There! He grabbed Sienna’s hand and pulled her to the wall. “Put your ear there,” he said, “Listen.” She didn’t even have to press her face to the plaster. Right on cue, the woman groaned again.

Sienna turned and looked at Clyde. “Someone’s enjoying herself.”

“Does your research on social trends tell you that?” he teased.

She set down her laptop bag and started to take off her form-fitting coat. “No, my research as a girl who likes fucking.”

He was erect already. When he saw the satin camisole under her jacket, he got even harder. She looked so doable in the delicate lingerie—dainty, somehow, which contrasted nicely with her filthy mouth. As she took off her skirt, she said, “I’ve been wanting to blow you all evening.”

Jesus. Maybe Geek was the new sexy. The girl had thigh-highs on. He wanted to kiss the bands at the top.

“I like the way you move,” she continued, “the confidence in your work. I can tell how much passion you’ve put into your start-up, and your mission.” As she was speaking, she had gone on her knees in front of him. Clyde could hardly believe this was for real—this pretty doll was popping his fly and pulling out his cock. He looked down at her through his glasses and then put his hands on her shoulders—bare skin and lace.

“Is there anything I should know?” Sienna asked, looking up at him.

What a relief. That means she’s careful. “Nope,” he said, “no debugging has ever been needed.”

Before he could see if his joke registered, her lips—those dark, cranberry-slicked lips, were parted around his cock, and she was sucking him with force.

The moans of the lovers next door were like a lullaby, a background soundtrack to their own sexual activities.

“What do you think they look like?” Sienna asked, sitting back on her heels.

Clyde shook his head. He didn’t know. He didn’t care. All he wanted was Sienna’s mouth on his cock once more.

“No,” she said, as if he didn’t understand the game, “tell me. Describe what they look like, the way you were describing your business plan before you started the slides.”

He took a breath. She took his cock once more, but she didn’t move on his shaft until he started to speak.

“She’s tall,” he said, “that lean, long look. Blonde, but for real. Not a bottle blonde. She doesn’t shave her pussy, and he likes that.”

He saw Sienna slide a hand between her own legs. She was touching herself through her panties.

“He’s only a little taller than she is, but he’s tough. He’s got sleeve tats and his nipples are pierced.”

Sienna stopped sucking him and pulled off her camisole. He saw the little hoops in her own nipples, and his cock throbbed. Christ, where had this girl come from?

“I need you to fuck me,” she said, “but don’t stop talking.”

The lovers hadn’t stopped either. Their moans were groaning in intensity.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked as she took off her panties. He went to the dresser and snagged one from his coworker’s stash. It hadn’t occurred to Clyde that he might get lucky at SXSW.

Sienna bent over the desk. Her heart-shaped ass beckoned. Clyde slid on the condom and came forward. He parted her thighs and let the head of his cock slip into her pussy. He was supposed to talk while he fucked her? All he wanted to do was melt into her body. But somehow he found his voice.

“He likes to 69 her,” he said, “her pussy tastes like honeysuckle and cantaloupe. He’s never tasted a girl so sweet before.”

Sienna tightened on him. His words were working.

“Sometimes,” he said, “he likes to take her in the shower. Those are the times we can’t hear. But I know what he’s doing. He’s washing her all over and then he’s going on his knees and rimming her asshole. That makes her come like nothing else.”

“Oh, fuck,” Sienna crooned.

“But the truth is,” Clyde continued, feeling the climax growing closer, “the real truth is that he wants her to fuck him.”

Sienna came on his words even more than on his cock. She shivered all over, and Clyde felt her orgasm trip his own.

He gripped her hips and pounded into her—slamming through the tail end of the ride as the two of them heard a new sound. Not the lovers next door. Clyde’s roommate’s keycard.


Sienna was under the covers of the closest bed before Clyde could even figure out what happened. She was a sweet ripple under an ugly comforter when Declan turned on the light. Clyde had his back to the door, yanking off the condom as he shouted, “Hold up, D!”

Declan muttered a rushed, “Excuse…Sorry…Pardon,” as he backed out of the room. The ripple under the blanket started laughing, and Clyde disposed of the condom, and then climbed under the covers.

“I wonder what your neighbors thought of that,” she giggled.

“Oh, you know,” Clyde said, trying to be offhand, “we were just sharing trends.”

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