SXSW Erotica: Knowing The Market

SXSW Erotica
Knowing the Market
by Alison Tyler
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“I think your ass is ringing.”

“What did you say?”

Lex stared at her own reflection in the back of the elevator doors: low-riding 501s, kicked-in Docs, tight black t-shirt showing off her corded biceps. Her midnight hair was cut short and bristly, streaked cobalt at the front. She didn’t look the type to stay at the Hilton, maybe, not like the conservative suit at her side. But she was pleased to see she appeared calm as ever, nevermind Miss Marketing Manners. Lex shrugged at her and let it ring.

“That’s why I have mine set to vibrate.”

Lex retorted, “You have your ass set to vibrate?” Thank god they were all by themselves. The last of the SXSW stragglers had stepped off on the previous floor. When Lex turned to face her, the pretty girl in the suit smiled. She didn’t look the type to smile much, but she also didn’t look the type to say “ass.” How these uptight, polished biddies ever got laid was a complete mystery to Lex.

“Do you need to get that?” she indicated Lex’s ass with a tilt of her head.

Lex slid the phone from her Levis and looked at the number. She shrugged again, let the call go to voicemail, and tapped to set it to vibrate. In all the hustle and chaos of navigating the bizarre floorplan of the Austin Convention Center, she must have forgotten to change her settings.

“You’re lucky your phone didn’t go off during the last session. You would have been stripped down, tarred, and feathered for a howling audience.” Another smile. The woman looked like ice in a navy Brooks Brothers Suit: pale blue eyes, birch-blonde hair, cut cheekbones. Nordic, definitely. Lex was grateful they were alone. Especially when the woman continued, “I’d rather do something else entirely.”

Lex looked at the nametag. Crystal Wynant. Damn. A stripper name for a marketing muffy. She was surprised when the woman said, “Do you want to hear what I’d like to do to you? Or are you a risk taker?”

“What do you mean?”

“Come to my room and find out for yourself.”

The doors opened, as if on cue. Lex didn’t hesitate to follow the suit down the hall. She noticed the way Crystal walked in her heels: confident, dominant, powerful. That’s how Lex usually felt in her own gear—her wallet chain jingling, her leather cuff bracelets buckled tight on her wrists. But there was something about the way Crystal moved that made her want to follow on her hands and knees.

Key card in. Door open. Crystal strode through the suite and Lex hurried to follow, then stopped. Her heart was pounding. The blonde had taken off her long suit jacket and was facing her. “I saw you at the Ignite mixer,” she said. “And again last night. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on you since day one of Interactive.”

Lex’s heart was racing. She lived in her head most of the time, a programmer, used to languages and lines of code. So how had she missed this sequence? While she watched, Crystal unzipped her skirt. Lex sucked in her breath. Buckles and leather. The woman was wearing a strap-on. Under her suit.

“I’m not much for tarring and feathering,” Crystal said with a half-smile, “but I am up for a little howling.”

Lex’s eyes got wide as Crystal pulled out a box of bright fuchsia latex gloves from the dresser and slid on a pair. Fucking hell. She felt as if her fantasies had been answered.

“Take off your clothes.”

Lex started to strip. She had to sit on the edge of the bed to undo the Docs. Then she hurriedly lost her jeans, socks, tee. She wasn’t wearing a bra or knickers. She never did. She wondered what Crystal would think of her tattoos, the flares of color and design she’d been adding to every year since she’d left home.

“Move back on the bed and spread your legs.”

Lex obeyed immediately. Crystal climbed onto the mattress and began to probe. She parted Lex’s shaved nether lips, slid her thumb up over Lex’s slowly swelling clit, and then thrust two gloved fingers deep into Lex’s pussy.

“Oh, god…”

“You like that?”



“The barrier…” Lex moaned. Being touched through something. She never got tired of that feeling. Was that why she had so many tats? She was adding her own layer, her own barrier.

Crystal pulled her lips wider, and Lex shivered at the spark of pain with her pleasure. She watched, breathless, as Crystal bent down and began to lick her pussy. Oh, Jesus Christ. The gorgeous ice queen was licking her like a pro—tongue tickling her hole, lips finding her clit and sucking. Lex leaned back on the pillows and whimpered until suddenly, Crystal stopped and reached for a bottle of lube waiting on the nightstand. The woman was nothing if not prepared.

Slowly, she began to oil up the gloves. Lex thought she might come from watching. Crystal pinched her clit, then said, “Roll over.” Lex hesitated. Crystal said, “I want you to roll over. If you don’t, I won’t fuck you.”

Like an obedient puppy, Lex rolled on the mattress. Crystal poured the lube between the cheeks of her ass. Then she began to slide a finger around Lex’s asshole. The programmer tightened up. Crystal whispered, “Relax, baby. I want to fuck you in two holes at once. Can you let me do that?”

Could she? “Yeah.”

“I can see why your ass would ring. It’s a beautiful ass.”

Lex stifled a nervous giggle. Crystal drove a finger up inside of her. “Oh, fuck,” Lex sighed.

“You’re so tight there,” Crystal whispered. “After I do your pussy, I’m going to have to fuck your ass. That’s just a fact, baby. Better wrap your mind around that.” As she spoke, she slid forward and Lex felt the head of her strap-on press against her pussy. She moved to give Crystal easy access, and the woman chuckled softly as she pushed inside, never taking her finger out of Lex’s ass. The combination of being filled in two holes was almost too much for Lex to take. Crystal started to work in rhythm. She slid the cock in and pushed her finger in simultaneously. Then she changed the beat. Her cock drove forward when her finger came out. Lex didn’t know which way was up. She only knew that she was on the verge.

“You come for me, baby,” Crystal insisted. “Come on my cock hard enough for me to feel every vibration. Then I’m going to spread your cheeks and take your asshole.”

The words did the trick. Lex started to come, and as soon as the climax began, Crystal was moving, pouring on more lube, opening her up. Lex buried her head in the pillows as Crystal began to fuck her ass. “No, baby, I want you to look,” Crystal hissed. She gripped a handful of Lex’s short hair and pulled her onto all fours. Lex stared at herself in the closet door mirror. She looked transformed from how she’d appeared in the elevator—covered in a thin, sheen of sweat, eyes huge, lips parted.

“I knew you’d look like that,” Crystal murmured, “when I saw you on the very first night.”

The cock was reaching so deep inside of her, and Crystal pulled off the gloves and began to work her clit while she reamed her.

Lex came a second time in a rush—feeling ripped apart and put back together simultaneously. She watched in the mirror as Crystal reached her own limits. The woman finally seemed to show her pleasure—her hair was slightly mussed, her lipstick smeared. Lex was pleased she’d made the ice queen melt.

“How?” Lex begged, as Crystal pulled out of her and undid the harness. “How did you know?”

“I can read people,” Crystal said softly. “I know the market. It’s why I’m in demand for my services.” She hesitated. “It’s also why I had my business partner scan your badge for your contact info, and give you a ring when we were in the elevator.”

Lex looked at her, wide eyed. “What would you have done if I’d answered?”

“Knew you wouldn’t,” Crystal said, wrapping her up in a tight embrace. “I told you. I know the market.”

Lex looked at her, then untangled herself from the woman’s arms. She stood and went to where she’d seen Crystal stash the gloves. “Well, I’m a programmer,” Lex said, trying to fight the laughter in her voice. “And I’m good at what I do, too. So push back on the bed, baby, and let me show you a few of the languages I’m fluent in…”

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